Adult Chat Glossary

You might want to use our adult phone services, but how are you going to get what you want if you don't know how to ask for it? At APC, we want to make sure you get connected with the right dirty girls for what you want, so we're giving you a glossary of terms to keep your adult phone chat problem-free:

Adult phone chat

Dirty talk between the caller and one of our girls. Talk has strong sexual content and can be based around fantasies or the girls being told what to do by the caller. Also known as adult talk and adult chat.

Live 121 Adult Chat

Adult phone chat between two people only.

XXX Chat

Adult talk.


Sexual behaviour involving certain points of focus to get the caller horny. This might include anything from high heels to full costume. Fetishes can also involve adult chat.


Sexual behaviour in which the caller controls what the girls do and say.


Sexual behaviour in which what the caller says and does is controlled by the girls.


Adult chat between three people.


Big Beautiful Women; hot women who are bigger than average.


A transvestite. A man or woman who enjoys wearing clothes of the opposite gender.


The UK's leading adult phone service provider. APC are the largest and longest-established company in their field and offer the cheapest rates in the country. They are also able to offer free minutes to certain callers, giving extra access to their dirty girls. APC do not use models, they use genuine horny women of the type a caller might expect to bump in to in his own town or city. APC is dedicated to providing the best service at the best prices and ensures that all payments are totally secure and that the identity of their callers is totally protected. On top of that, APC never features as a name on a caller's phone bill, choosing only to appear as just another number.

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